2016 Google Adwords Changes: What’s New?

changes to Adwords in 2016

You may have heard (or seen) by now that Google has made some changes to the paid ads on search. This shift has been in the works for quite some time, and was implemented to help make things more friendly for mobile. Our Adwords experts in Milwaukee want to help you understand what’s new on search and how it will affect you.

So…what’s changed?

You’ll likely only notice changes on desktop searches. After all, the goal is to make the Google experience more consistent throughout all devices, so the larger screens are experiencing the most change. Over the past week or so, these adjustments have been implemented worldwide and are here to stay – for now, at least. This is Google we’re talking about.

Here’s an overview of what’s new.

  • Text ads are no longer displayed on the right sidebar of search results on desktop
  • The total number of text ads displayed on a search page has decreased from (up to) 11 to seven
  • The number of text ads in the mainline area (above organic search results) has increased from three to four
  • The number of text ads below the search results is now three
  • Product listings (like Google Shopping) are now displayed on the right column on desktop

Why so sudden?

You may wonder why these changes came about so quickly. Truth is Google has been testing out this format since 2010. Beginning with people searching for mortgages, and eventually stemming into other queries, some users have been seeing the four on top/three on bottom format for years. Nobody knew this format would eventually stick, but it’s here!

What does this mean for search?

As with all of Google’s other updates, the overarching goal of this is to make results more relevant for users. If you’re searching for “hotels in Milwaukee,” the ads displayed will be relevant and helpful. Cutting down on “spam” is a priority, so your business will have a better chance of getting noticed by the right people.

What about Adwords costs?

Frankly it’s too early to tell how these changes will affect cost per click (CPC). One would assume the decrease in number of total ads displayed (now 7 versus 11) would mean higher costs per click, but we haven’t seen drastic changes yet. We’ll be watching for anything noteworthy and provide updates if necessary.

If you’re using CPC advertising on Google and don’t feel like you’re getting the most for your money, you’re not alone. Our Adwords certified specialists in Milwaukee can help you develop a strategy that will help streamline your spending and make your ads more efficient. Get in touch with us today to learn more!