There’s no denying Google’s reach when it comes to PPC, but did you know there’s other alternative search engines that may be more beneficial for your company in terms of “best bang for your buck?” Enter Milwaukee Bing and Yahoo! advertising. With a lower price point and sometimes a higher conversion rate than Google it’s time to take a look to see if these are the right fit for your company’s PPC needs. Some of the features that may be beneficial include:

  • Placement reports that help track performance
  • The ability to run flexible campaigns that appear to your potential clients at different times of the day in different locations in the world.
  • Fewer competitors using them, so adds are less expensive and can have a higher conversion rate.
  • Less restriction on character limits on adds, making it easier to craft ads that are different and more engaging than what your competitor may be doing with their Google Ad.
  • Retail companies tend to get better sales conversions with these search engines . B2B’s find conversion rates are often the same as they are on Google with better acquisition costs.
  • Give our SEO experts a call to discuss if using Bing or Yahoo! for your PPC ads make sense for your growing business needs.