At Milwaukee SEO, we know where your ad shows up is as important as the content. Pay per click (PPC) ads done right appear above organic listings and on the sidebars but require extensive knowledge of the changing metrics and rules so they stay there and continue to be effective for your business. PPC ads are used to direct traffic to your website by a bidding process that lets you pay for the ad only when it is clicked. We’re a Google Certified Partner, and we can help you target the keywords that are the most successful so your clicks through to your site mean conversions to sales for you.

There are no shortcuts to formulating a PPC campaign – it has to be done right to be effective and prevent your website from being penalized. We start with an analysis of your website and company, then help you build Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, and any retargeting needed. From there we form the plan to get your ad seen quickly with the most effective keywords. But we don’t stop there! We monitor the ads to see if there is any fine-tuning needed so your ad stays above and in front of competitors.

With Milwaukee SEO Company as your partner, your PPC campaigns will work hard for you within your budget. To start your analysis, contact us and let us formulate how we can help people find your company first in their searches.