3 Key Metrics to Tell You It’s Time to Update Your Website

When analyzing the metrics involved with your website, business owners tend to focus on traffic, conversion rates, and sales metrics. If you’re generating leads or revenue from your website, it’s working the way that it should, but the question remains; could it be working better? Understanding a few key metrics tied specifically to how customers interact with your website could help you determine whether it’s time to make any changes.

Here’s 3 key metrics to look at to determine if it’s time to update or improve your website. 

  1. High Bounce Rate – If customers are finding your site, but are immediately leaving or not staying long, that could be because they don’t like what they see. As with any business or retail store, customers tend to trust those that look and feel professional, and won’t stay long if they have a poor experience. The same holds true online.
  2. Slow Site Speed – One of the biggest customer pet peeves when it comes to websites is slow loading speed. Most customers expect pages to load in 2 seconds or less, with a 3 second load time being the recommended target. Do some testing on your site and see if you need to speed it up.
  3. Search Engine Optimization – If you’re seeing that your traffic from search engines is dropping or low to begin with, it could be time to think about your SEO strategy. Don’t have a blog? It might be time to add one as it’s a great way to add new content to your site consistently, helps with SEO, and can drive more traffic to your site.

It’s not enough for businesses to have a website anymore, they need to be updated, user-friendly, and in-line with current web design technology and trends. If you’re generating sales or leads, but not to the level you desire, it could be time to look at how your website is performing and what updates need to be made. Increasing your site speed, optimizing your website for the search engines, and improving your overall design can help reduce your bounce rate, drive traffic, and grow your business.