3 Ways To Win On Cyber Monday

If you’re a small business owner that retails and sells goods directly to customers through your website, you need to be ready for and participating in Cyber Monday. Happening on the Monday after Black Friday, Cyber Monday is a shopping holiday that encourages customers to shop online. Many of the big retailers have already started offering and teasing their Cyber Monday deals to take advantage of customers who like to wrap up their holiday shopping early in the season. With all of the noise out there calling consumers to buy, it can be overwhelming for a small business who’s trying to cut through the clutter. Here’s a few ways for small businesses to win on Cyber Monday.

Holiday-ify Your Website

Let your customers know you’re participating in Cyber Monday by calling it out on your website and in your marketing materials leading up to the holiday. With the various shopping holidays all happening in a short period of time, making sure to differentiate your offers between Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday gives your customers a reason to shop with you on more than one day, and potentially make multiple purchases.

Offer Free Shipping or Gift Wrapping

Customers are looking for the perfect gift, but they’re also looking for opportunities to save time and money this holiday season. Offering free shipping is one way to drive sales on Cyber Monday, but you can do so strategically. Using a minimum spend requirement for free shipping can increase your average basket ring this holiday season, as the average customer would rather add one or two more items to their cart than pay for shipping. Thank your customers for purchasing with you by offering complimentary gift wrapping as well.

Share Your Return Policy

An important factor in the consumer purchase decision process when shopping online is the retailers return policy. If the item arrives and customers decide they need to return or exchange the product, knowing they can do so with little hassle or cost is key. Having a clear policy on handling returns and exchanges is an important way to build trust with your customers and ensure they convert on this key online shopping holiday.

Online shopping has increased tremendously over the past decade, and if you’re a retailer, having an online presence for your business is key to driving growth and success. Customers are becoming more trusting of online retailers, but that trust can run out quickly after a poor experience. This is something most small businesses cannot afford, especially during the holidays. Cyber Monday is the perfect time to grow your online retail presence, but success during this key online shopping holiday doesn’t happen without effort. Sharing with your customers that you’re participating with a special offer or promotion, offering free shipping or complimentary gift wrapping, and being clear on your return and exchange policy are just a few ways to build that trust and drive your business on Cyber Monday.