4 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Ads

Facebook ad tips for Milwaukee businesses

It may be hard to hear, but it’s pretty difficult for businesses to get noticed on Facebook nowadays without some sort of advertising budget. There are so many posts added to the platform throughout each day, business posts tend to get pushed down the timeline. The only way your posts will be seen is if some of your followers happen to see and like it, which increases the reach. If not, you need to spend some money on advertising.

Our Milwaukee Facebook team has proven experience utilizing the Facebook advertising platform to increase brand awareness and boost sales. Take a look at these four tips to help you get more for your money and improve your ads.

Location, location, location

Facebook’s built-in location targeting tools are incredibly useful. For smaller businesses looking to gain exposure, it’s simple to target ads based on zip code, city, and even addresses (like your office or store). Whether you want your targeting to be more general or precise, the location tool is incredibly helpful.

Utilize the call-to-action buttons

For some ad types, you can add a “call to action” button in the corner. The options include “Download,” “Contact Us,” “Apply Now,” “Shop Now,” and others. In other words, there’s something for just about every situation. These buttons give your ads a more custom feel. Something to note: the button will lead to whatever url you set, so just be sure the button relates to that.

Consider adding Instagram targeting

If you have an Instagram profile, you can create ads for that platform right in the Facebook ad builder. Just connect your business account, add Instagram targeting, and you’re good to go. Our clients have seen great success!

Try running more short-term ads

It’s easier to set up ads that are ongoing, but short-run ads can be incredibly effective. Running a special promotion or hosting an event? An ad set that runs for a few days or weeks makes incredibly efficient use of the budget. Give it a try!

We know the Facebook ads setup process can seem quite complicated, so the experts at the Milwaukee SEO Company are here to help. Get in touch today to set up a complimentary business evaluation!