A Genuine Message from Your Business

milwaukee marketing audience targeting

At Milwaukee SEO Company, we’re fortunate enough to engage with businesses from all over southeastern Wisconsin, and our experience has taught us what works – and what doesn’t – when it comes to marketing to an audience of people of all different types. And today we’d like to talk about addressing a broad crowd while still keeping your message genuine.

Often times, we see well-meaning business owners and managers attempt an ad campaign on their own without any experience or advice from experts. While it’s a great thing that these business men and women realize the importance of marketing efforts, unfortunately it’s all too common to see their message fall on deaf ears because they missed the mark with their style of messaging.

And one specific thing we often see is that these messages try to appeal to too broad an audience. You might be thinking to yourself, “Isn’t it a good thing to target a broad audience?” The answer is yes, but it’s more nuanced than that.

Many times these messages miss the mark because they come off as generic, phony, wildly idealistic or “too good to be true,” and just plain not genuine. The audience are smart, and they can see through the tactics and feel that the product or service being advertised just isn’t for them. The message doesn’t feel personal in a way they can relate to it.

At Milwaukee SEO Company, we’re experts in crafting campaigns that do reach a broad audience while still making a personal-feeling connection with that same audience. This is only possible because of our years of experience working with the businesses and people of the Milwaukee area. And the good news is that we’re here to offer our expertise to you. Give us a call today and let us get started working on an effective and genuine campaign for your business.