A New Decade Approaches: 5 Marketing Trends To Look for in 2020

Milwaukee business marketing strategy 2020

As with any new year but maybe more so with a new decade on the horizon, it’s important for businesses to look back on what they’ve accomplished in recent years, but also to look ahead at what’s to come in the next ten years. A part of this is understanding the trends in marketing that will impact and dictate their strategies in the future. Being an agile and adaptive marketer is important for businesses to continue to remain relevant and connected to their customers. With increased competition and customer choice in the marketplace, remaining top of mind for customers is an increasingly challenging feat.

In 2020 and beyond, here’s a look at 5 marketing trends small businesses should be aware of to continue to move their business forward.


  • Focus on Customer Experience – Customers are looking for businesses that not only deliver their immediate need for a product or service, but provide an experience that is easy and clear from start to finish.This involves providing an experience that is efficient, convenient, and positive. From your website to your frontline employees, the focus should be on delivering a top notch experience for your customers.



  • Stories Replacing the Newsfeed – Consistently sharing static content across your social media channels will still be important to inform your audience moving into 2020, but an important shift has been emerging recently. More and more brands and influencers are utilizing the stories functionality to provide more real-time, unedited, uncurated, and authentic experience for interacting with their audience.



  • Video is King – Going along with the trend of stories potentially becoming more important than static newsfeed posts on social media, short videos are quickly becoming the preferred way customers interact with their favorite influencers or their favorite brands on social media.



  • The Rise of Voice – With more and more homes integrating smart speakers in their everyday lives and voice search capabilities on mobile phones, voice search is showing no signs of slowing down. This is impacting the way that brands are creating content and marketing themselves online. Making sure your content is optimized for voice search is important for making the most of this rising trend.



  • Visual Content – Though the importance of high quality and readable copywriting will never be downplayed in marketing efforts and in the digital world, the visual content and imagery that accompanies it is becoming just as important. This is particularly true when customers are searching for product recommendations and reviews. 


Marketing your business in 2020 may not look too different from your strategies in the years prior, but making sure to adapt to new trends in the marketplace is important to being successful in the next decade. Focusing your efforts on creating a positive customer experience, optimizing your content for the preference toward voice search, and creating visual and video content that drives customer engagement and conversion is important for taking advantage of these important marketing trends.