Avoiding SEO Scams

link building scams in Milwaukee SEO

Search engine optimization has become one of the most important aspects of a company’s marketing plan. Our comprehensive SEO plans have have helped our clients throughout Milwaukee find new customers and increase their online presence. Unfortunately, many companies in the area (and everywhere) fall victim to what are essentially scams – companies that promise the world but don’t deliver. Here are a few tips you can follow to avoid being ripped off.

(Quality) link building takes time

When people are introduced to SEO, one of the first concepts they likely learn about is link building, also known as “backlinks.” As part of their ranking algorithm, Google relies on high the existence of external links that direct back towards your website. In other words, the more high quality links leading to your website the better. When this became widely known, companies were formed in countries like India and China that hired and staffed “link builders.” These companies charge monthly to build tons of backlinks. Unfortunately, these are incredibly low quality links and end up hurting your SEO. Google’s algorithms have gotten much smarter and now can better tell when links are spam.

Keep an eye out for unsolicited emails

For most people, it’s pretty easy to spot a spam email. Whether because it’s written poorly, uses certain language, or things don’t seem to match up, there’s generally something that makes it obvious. Unfortunately, some link building companies are good at fooling the untrained eye. These solicitation emails are written using extremely vague language, make crazy promises, and don’t disclose any evidence of true credibility (often times you won’t even find a company name or website). Our advice? Ignore these emails and move on.

Educate yourself!

Even the best of us get duped once in a while. No matter the situation, keeping yourself educated will help you avoid being outsmarted. Keep up on the latest SEO trends through online articles to make yourself aware of any changes.

If you’re looking to improve your SEO efforts, contact the Milwaukee SEO Company. Whether you’re starting fresh or trying to recover from an SEO downfall, we’ll help you develop a plan to boost your marketing!