Bad Reviews: How They Can Help You

The frustration of receiving a poor review is something even the best businesses experience. Regardless of how well you conduct your business, it’s very likely there will be some disgruntled customer who airs out their complaints and criticisms on the web. We know you may feel a bit shocked when you first see it, but don’t fret! From a marketing standpoint, negative reviews can actually help your business in Milwaukee. Here’s why.

Let us start by clarifying – by no means are we saying you should encourage customers to write poor reviews! We would never recommend telling customers who you know have had a poor experience to go post a review. With that said, here’s how the occasional bad review can help you out.

Your credibility is important

We’ve all seen it before. You start browsing reviews for a certain company or product and think to yourself “interesting, everyone’s had an incredible experience!” Though it may be true (and that’s fantastic if it is) the absence of any negative comment or review can seem suspicious to some people. If your reviews contain purely positive feedback, it can sometimes be seen as though you’re writing your own reviews or filtering out negative ones. Basically, the occasional poor review actually helps to lend more credibility to the positive reviews!

Respond respectably

Ever heard the phrase “it’s all in how you say it?” This is particularly true in situations where you’re being put “on blast” for something. How you handle yourself, rather how you respond to the negative comments, show a lot about the company. If you simply ignore, delete, or post a huffy response to the comment, you’re only hurting yourself. The best thing to do is take the high road and respond with a sincere apology and offer what you can to rectify the situation.

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