When Business and Personal Life Intersect

Milwaukee business owners embracing personal values

Do you have a “rule” for yourself about how you let your personal life and business life interact? Many have – often wisely – advised that people let their business life be their business life, and that they let their personal life be their personal life. And, depending on the situation, this can be very appropriate and prevent a lot of problems.

But today we’d like to explore the question of when it’s appropriate, and even beneficial, for your personal values, priorities, talents, etc. to intersect with your business life. Ponder the question: are some of your personal values things that could be utilized to benefit your business? Personally, are you charitable? Can you utilize your knack for charity to promote your business by getting involved in a service project in your community? Do you find yourself to be smart with money in your household setting? Are there lessons you’ve learned about finances personally that have an application for your business? The key is to find the things you care about, are passionate about, and are good at, and let those things go to work for you in your business. Not only will your business benefit, but you might find personal satisfaction in applying those talents to your work.

Lastly, of course there’s always a time and place to keep work and home separate. But think about when there’s a genuine opportunity for the two to intersect in a way that will bring personal fulfillment to you and also help your business grow and thrive. It can be a win/win situation and a good thing all around!