Common Social Media Mistakes: Part 2

common social media mistakes in Milwaukee

Part two of our “Common Social Media Mistakes” series is here! We’re finishing things up with a few important points. When it comes to managing social media channels, the process is vastly different for your personal profiles than for your business ones. Our social media experts want to help you avoid small (or maybe big) errors you could be making. Here are a few points to consider.

Mistake: Being too “sales-y”

It’s happened to all of us – walking into a store and being completely bombarded by a salesperson. Frankly they’re just doing their job, but it can seem a bit suffocating. The same is true for social media posts. Followers enjoy getting information about your promotions, but they don’t like feeling as if they’re constantly being sold to. In short, try to minimize the number of sales posts you put up. Mix in some educational articles, customer photos, or other unique elements.

Mistake: Not keeping your profile designs current

Even if your company’s product or service isn’t “seasonal,” it’s important to keep your social profiles looking fresh. Just like your website, you should take time to freshen up the graphics every so often – cover photos, profile photos, etc. An attractive header image and crisp, legible profile photo (some version of your logo is likely best) are a great way to make a good first impression on potential customers.

Mistake: Not proofreading your posts

Short and sweet is best when it comes to writing your social media posts. It’s not uncommon to see spelling and/or grammar errors in posts all over Facebook, but that’s not an excuse to have them in your posts. These types of errors can make you look unpolished or unprofessional. Take a bit of extra time to proofread your posts, or have someone else look over them, before publishing them.

Our social media experts at the Milwaukee SEO Company can help you develop an effective social media strategy whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to improve your existing channels. Get in touch with us today – we’ll help you get the most from your social platforms!