Content, Content, Content!

importance of content marketing in Milwaukee

When working on optimizing your site for SEO, the saying is true, “Content is king.” High quality content is the “first impression” of your business to the internet world—both humans and search engines alike. High quality content is an indication of a high quality business behind that content, and Google and visitors to your site know that.

So if content is so important, how come it’s so hard to get right? As marketing experts in the Milwaukee area, we get to talk to business owners of all types, and we think we have some insight.

First, content is hard because it has to be unique. That’s right, Google does not look favorably on copying and pasting from other sites. Google is constantly scouring the internet and it knows when you’ve “borrowed” content from another site. The result: it won’t attribute the content to your site and will either ignore it or even penalize your ranking. There are no shortcuts here, just good, old-fashioned hard work.

Second, content is hard because it has to be relevant and interesting. While there are certain keywords that may trigger search engines to see your site, they won’t do anything for attracting and keeping the interest of real people—a.k.a. potential customers and clients. That’s right, it’s not enough to just make your content attractive to Google, it has to be relevant to real-life people.

Finally, content is hard because it has to be consistent. Many business owners start out strong creating and maintaining content for their website, but then the realities of running a business set in, and keeping up with content falls by the wayside. For the sake of both your readers and search engines, consistently and regularly coming up with new content is extremely important because it shows that the website is active, fresh, and attended to.

If you need help creating or maintaining your website with high-quality content, give us a call at Milwaukee SEO Company today. Whether you’re looking for advice or looking to have a professional team manage your content, we’re here to help.