Are You Focusing Too Much on Your Customers?

using Milwaukee marketing to attract customers

Yes, you read the title correctly. And no, we certainly aren’t suggesting that you don’t make customer service the utmost priority in your small business. But the question deserves some consideration. Are you focusing too much on your traditional customer base and missing opportunities to reach out to new customers who want and need the products and services that you are offering?

At Milwaukee SEO Company, our years of local expertise and experience have shown us a phenomenon that can happen – all too innocently – with many small and medium-sized businesses. The business attracts a client or customer of a “typical” profile. These clients and customers become regulars, so the business doubles-down on what seems to be attracting these customers and gets stuck in a kind of current-customer feedback loop. Product and service offerings, and marketing efforts as well, seem to target the people that the business is already serving.

And, it’s with good reason that you should want to keep your most loyal clients and customers happy. They are the ones who have helped your business become what it is, and even may have become friends over the years. It certainly is within your business’ best interest to keep these people happy and coming back.

But have you considered making a concerted effort to expand the reach of your business? Are there things that you can be doing to advertise to new clients and customers without upsetting the apple cart? Are there products or services that you haven’t considered offering before but would complement your current offerings nicely and potentially bring in new business?

At Milwaukee SEO Company, we’re passionate about helping the businesses of southeastern Wisconsin grow and thrive. If you’d like some help reaching out to new clients and customers so they can take advantage of your great products and services, give us a call today and put us to work for you with our local expertise and experience.