The Hardships of Creating Content


Creating content for your website or blog can be one of the most frustrating items to cross off on your to-do list. Sometimes just coming up with a title can be tough. Then, when you start thinking of some of the best SEO practices to stand out among other Milwaukee businesses it can just add to the anxiety. Having a clear plan and goal for your content can help get the creative juices flowing, just remember to keep them reigned in a bit and follow some key rules in content writing.

High quality content is key.

Writing just to write was great in your creative English class in college. When it comes to your website, make sure you are producing quality content. People are smart – when they visit your website or blog and start skimming, they will be able depict the relevancy of your words. Are there specific points on the website? Are you offering something special or of substance? Are you writing to appeal to your core demographic? Having relevant, high quality content is a cornerstone to your website and SEO practices.

Keep keywords in check.

Then there are those pesky keywords…you know what I mean. The keywords that need to get in there, but can be a pain to work in naturally. A good reminder is to try and use the same keyword 2-3 times per 750 words. But don’t force it; the context has to be beneficial and authentic. Keep your readers and their experience in mind first and add the keywords where you can. It is also important to put the keywords in the following:

  • Titles
  • Descriptions
  • Heading
  • Alt tags
  • URLs

We know that this can be overwhelming. The easy thing is to just put the keywords everywhere and be done with it – but that’s keyword stuffing, which is exactly what NOT to do. Search engines are able to pick up on keyword stuffing and you won’t like the consequences (think very low rankings).

When in doubt, ask.

Milwaukee SEO Company is happy to help and set up a time for an on-site analysis of your website. We will meet with you and go over improvements and strategy to help get your business’ rankings high. Call us today to set up an appointment. Let us help you grow your business.