How Engaged Is Your Audience?

When we think about how successful our social media efforts are, we usually think of how many followers we have or how many times our content was viewed. But is the quantity of followers or impressions more important than quality? Another way of asking is whether it’s more important to have a higher number of followers or followers who care more about your brand and products. In this case, quality is more important than quantity. When it comes to measuring success in the social media realm, you should be focusing on how engaged your audience is, regardless of size. Although growing your following to increase brand awareness is also important, you should focus more on creating and sharing content that incites interaction from your audience.

What is an Engagement Rate and Why Should You Care?

You might think that is the number of your friends getting married, an engagement rate is a metric that measures the level of interaction your content receives. This interaction can be a someone liking the content, commenting on it, sharing it, or saving it for future review. The goal in a social media marketing strategy is to create content that not only slows the scroll, but encourages your customers to engage with it. This shows that the content you’re creating is high quality, provides value, and is relevant.

How Can You Improve Your Engagement?

If you’re rethinking your social media strategy and your current engagement rate, know that if it’s on the lower end, it is possible to improve it. You can do this by creating content that focuses on why your followers interact with it to begin with. Make sure that it’s high quality, provides value, and is relevant to your followers. You can also survey your current customers or followers on what they would like to see more of. With a firm grasp on what resonates with your audience and what they value, you’re well on your way to creating content that drives engagement.