How Small Businesses Can Stay Social While Social Distancing

Undoubtedly, the current world health pandemic has turned most people’s way of life upside down for a few weeks and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. With the end of social distancing and stay at home orders remaining relatively unclear, small business owners like you are making tough decisions about how to maintain operations for their business, remain profitable, and retain their customers. With more people remaining at home and focusing their funds towards necessities and away from excess spending, some businesses and industries are suffering during these confusing times. Depending on your business’ particular industry, now can be a tough time to stay top of mind with your consumers.

With all that said, your digital and social media marketing efforts are more important now than ever. Even though these times may be challenging, the last thing you want to do is to get discouraged and go radio silent right now. Businesses and owners who are able to adapt to even the most unexpected changes in their business are going to continue to be successful. The key is to be creative, understand the dynamics of the situation and how your business can respond, and continue to support your loyal customers. Here’s a few ways to continue the conversation with your audience during these tough times.

Keep Your Consumers Up to Date

If your business hours of operation, methods of doing business, or sales processes are changing, make sure to keep your consumers informed of the latest information. When the regulations went into effect, it seemed like every company sent out an email blast with information on how their business was impacted. This is important so customers know how they can reach you if needed and what to expect when engaging with your business or products.

Share Positive Stories

More than ever before, the world is united in the struggle fighting the spread of this virus. Lives have changed, resources are being stretched, and frustration is not hard to find. During any tough time, consumers are looking for optimism, hope, and something to look forward to. We know this situation won’t last forever, but the road to the end is unclear. Until then, businesses can share positive stories that inspire their customers to share their own, motivate them to remain optimistic themselves, and support those around them who are in need.

Support the Efforts Locally & Globally

If businesses are able, they’ve modified their operations to support the fight against this pandemic. We know that protective supplies and disinfectants are scarce right now, and a lot of businesses are disrupting their typical operations to manufacture and provide these necessary products. If you’ve done something similar or are supporting the fight through financial donations, share that with your audience. Provide resources for consumers to get involved and share in your commitment to supporting those on the front lines.

These are unprecedented times that no one alive has ever experienced before. We need to remain united, positive, and strong in order to survive and thrive. That’s true for individuals as well as businesses. Being able to adapt to the current environment, remain optimistic, and continue the conversation with your customers is key to coming out stronger on the other side.