How to Improve Your Local SEO

imgres-1If you are ever walking around our office, you will hear the staff of Milwaukee SEO Company talk about how relevant optimizing your local SEO is. SEO is complicated enough, but then adding in the geographic area you are in can sometimes put people over the edge. No worries- we’ve got this and can help with all of it, but lets get some basics down first.

What is Local SEO Marketing?

Local SEO Marketing is the process of elevating your online traffic to those who are searching in your specific area. Why is this so important? 43% of all Google, 25% of all Bing, and 25% of all Yahoo searches are done locally. Basically what this all means is that if you are a small business owner with locations in the city of Milwaukee, it’s best to put your efforts into local SEO so that when people are searching for “breweries in Wisconsin” or “best restaurants in Milwaukee” your business comes up.

Benefits from providing good, relevant local SEO can result in better conversions, easier keyword targeting, and sometimes it can even show faster results.

So how do you do this? There are lots of ways, but here are few tips:

  • Make sure your city/state is on your home page and throughout your website.
  • Stay consistent. When putting your information on directories use the exact same address ever time. For example, if you write your address like:
    123 E. Water St
    Milwaukee, WI 53202
    Keep it consistent and don’t input it as:
    123 East Water Street
    Milwaukee, WI 53202
  • If your business does have a physical address, have it on every page of your website. The easiest way to do this is to put it in the footer.
  • Keep up with your social media. We can’t emphasize enough how much social media can impact your business. Keeping up with all social media platforms will be worth the time.

Our SEO gurus here at Milwaukee SEO Company are always available to come in and talk about the benefits of localized SEO for your company. Call today to set up a time for us to discuss how we can help your business grow.