How To Be An Instagram Guru: Part 2

tips for success on Instagram in Milwaukee

A few weeks ago, we shared some essential tips for getting started on Instagram as a business. Now, we’re continuing the series with some helpful hints – a bit more guidance to help you get your company’s Instagram profile in top shape. Our experts are committed to helping companies in Milwaukee and all over Wisconsin achieve success on their social media channels, Instagram in particular. Here are some tips.

Be Interactive

The brands who truly shine on Instagram are those who take time to interact with their followers. Just as with other social media channels, people love to see a brand like or post a comment on their Instagram post – or even better, share them! This strategy is a great way to develop a relationship of trust, which will (hopefully) lead to them becoming a customer!

Peak Times

There are well over 400 million users on Instagram today. Needless to say, grabbing their attention can be tough. Timing is an incredibly important aspect of content development. You can look at this two ways: the time when people post the most content and the time when people engage the most. In the U.S., the hour from 2-3pm is when the most posts are added to Instagram on average. This may be due to young children or college students getting out of class around this time, or maybe many other factors! On the other hand, the hour from 8:30-9:30 or so is when posts see the most engagement (likes, comments, shares). To best get your posts in front of your audience, you’d be smart to post a little later in the day on your business account so the posts appear higher up on the feed list!

Still need some help getting your business set up on Instagram? The Milwaukee SEO Company does much more than just SEO. Our seasoned social media masters can help you get your profile off the ground and get the most out of this popular channel. Get in touch today!