A Mid-Game Evaluation

evaluating your Milwaukee marketing strategy mid-year

Summer has now officially begun, and, believe it or not, in just a few days, half of 2018 will be in the books. That’s right – the first half of the year is over. Has it been a good year for your business? We certainly hope so, but even if you wish some things could have gone better, we’re here to offer an encouragement by way of an analogy from the sports world.

Think of the first part of 2018 as the “first half” of your business year. You’ve played hard, and undoubtedly there have been some highlights as well as some lowlights. The next month or two is “halftime.” Halftime is when a team goes back to the locker room, takes a good hard look at the first half, and makes plans and adjustments for the second half of the game. How will you use “halftime” to benefit your business in the second part of 2018?

Many big games have been won or lost as the result of a what a team does coming out of the locker room after halftime. Teams who’ve played a lousy first half have used halftime to identify their mistakes, make adjustments, and come out and play a great second half – even often winning the game as a result.

So whether your “first half” was fantastic, and your “halftime plan” is just to keep your foot on the gas, or if you’ve had a less-than-stellar period and need to make some adjustments, use this time of year to evaluate and make a plan.

And, if your plan involves ramping up or adjusting your digital marketing efforts, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at Milwaukee SEO Company and put us to work for you so that you can have the best “second half” possible.