Need New Customers? Try These Strategies.

milwaukee marketing tips to get new customers

Among the rush of the holiday season, we’re all scrambling to stay ahed and keep up with the high demand. One great thing about this time of year is the inevitable new faces many business expect to see. Whether they’re around for the season or the long haul, new customers are essential to the growth and continued success of your business. Our Milwaukee marketing team has a few things you can try to help you acquire new customers now and in the future.

Host an event

Over the past few years, we’ve noticed a shift towards a relatively new phenomenon called “showrooming.” Consumers head to a store to check out a product then go home and search for the best price. Hosting an event helps minimize this! You can get people into your store, encourage them to spend more time, and hopefully make a purchase.

Boost word-of-mouth through referrals

Consumers tend to trust the opinions of their family and friends most. A great way to get new customers is by encouraging existing ones to refer their family and friends! A simple discount or promotion offering an incentive to both parties is a great start. Show them great customer service and you’ll have them hooked!

Partner with another local company or charity

Use the buddy system! A great way to help two businesses sell more of their respective products or services is through cross promotion. A hair and makeup salon could join forces with a local clothing boutique to promote mini makeovers. A furniture and accessories store could work with a real estate company to stage and sell homes while promoting their products. The key is to find a company (or charity) that has similar values and goals. It’s a two way street, so you want to help each other, not just yourself!

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