Our Seasons Are Our Strength

seasonal Milwaukee marketing tips

It’s no secret to anyone who’s lived in southeastern Wisconsin for any significant period of time: we get four very distinct seasons each and every year. Unlike some more temperate locations in the United States, we usually experience temperature variations of over one hundred degrees in a given calendar year. With temperatures sometimes falling below zero degrees in the dead of winter to temperatures that can hit the high nineties in the peak of summer, the one thing no one can say about our climate is that it’s boring.

And while it’s certainly true that many of us could imagine ourselves lying on a beach in Florida when winter is at its worst, most people of southeastern Wisconsin would probably have to be honest and admit they’d miss the change in seasons if they lived anywhere else.

As marketing experts in the Milwaukee area, we’re always thinking about the connections that exist between the things that make Wisconsin what it is and how we can help our clients maximize these things for the good of their businesses. Our seasons are no different.

Today we’d like you to think about the ties that exist – or could exist – between the different seasons we experience and your business. For some businesses, the connections will be obvious and automatic. For example, no one needs to tell a sporting goods store when it’s time to put the skis out and when it’s time for the camping gear – it’s abundantly clear. But for many others, the connections are more nuanced and have to be intentionally identified and promoted. If you run a business that you think really is not affected that much by the changes in season, challenge your thinking. Find a creative connection between the products and services you sell and the time of the year. Develop and nurture those connections and point them out as you promote your business.

And also take time to identify the negative impact you assume the changes in season bring to your business and challenge those thoughts too. What can you do to mitigate those challenges? How can you take a time of year that might be “weak” for your industry and be the one business in the area who figures out how to make it a strength?

At Milwaukee SEO Company, we live and work in southeastern Wisconsin just like you. We love our home state and the changes in seasons that are very much a part of who we are. When we work with you to promote your business, we’re always using our localized expertise to draw the connections between our unique part of the country and your business. We want to see all the good business owners of Wisconsin thrive, and we’re always here to help. Give us a call today!