Print Marketing? Yes, It Still Matters

print marketing in Milwaukee

In a world filled with digital everything, print marketing is often considered to be somewhat of a lost art. Smartphones, tablets, computers, email – everything is on a screen. At the Milwaukee SEO Company, we encourage our clients to explore the benefits of professional print marketing in conjunction with their digital strategies. For those that study “neuromarketing,” which is centered around how our brain processes things, it’s quite simple to see why print marketing can help your business. Here’s why.

Print materials bring emotion

Part of the reason business cards continue to be popular is because they spark an emotion. As you shake someone’s hand and give them your card, they’re in possession of a tangible object they can connect back to that moment. Other printed materials like flyers, brochures, and handouts are a great way to share information because people can refer back to them. Digital files are convenient, but often easily deleted or forgotten. Studies have even shown thicker paper in printed materials increases the amount of emotion people use to process things. In other words, the thicker the paper, the easier it will be to recall the information over time.

Back to basics

As of late, there’s been a jump in popularity of “old school” marketing like direct mail. You likely receive postcards, catalogs, or other items with promotional and product information via mail. As mentioned above, postcards are a great tool because they’re printed on thicker paper. Assuming they’re well designed, people are more likely to take action from these.

Fonts are key

Designers know it all to well, but those who aren’t familiar with print marketing may not. Fonts are incredibly important. For digital, simple fonts are best. For print, however, it’s a different story. A Princeton study shows more complex fonts make your brain work harder to process them, therefore leading to better retention of the information.

When it comes down to it, you should pay attention to all of your digital efforts, but don’t forget about print! There are many ways to incorporate print into your current strategy. If you’d like to learn more about how you can benefit from print marketing, contact the Milwaukee SEO Company today.