SEO Tips To Consider

seo tips for businesses in Milwaukee

It could be argued search engine optimization is the most ever-changing aspect of digital marketing. To us, it seems like there’s something new to learn each and every day – a change in an algorithm that affects what we need to do – and it can be tough to keep up. Over the past year or two, the trend of SEO could be described as becoming more “human.” We’ve seen a shift in focus from employing technical “tricks” to working to develop quality content. The team of experts at Milwaukee SEO company has been helping clients throughout southeastern Wisconsin keep on top of SEO trends, and today we’ve compiled a quick list of tips to help improve your strategy.

Focus on page load speeds

Does your site have a lot of media content? If it does, you should pay close attention to the load speed of each page. It may surprise you (or it may not), but this has a fairly significant impact on your SEO score. Even if your site has relevant content, a visitor isn’t going to want to wait ages for it to load. Be sure your developers and designers are optimizing graphics so they’re sized best for web viewing and make other adjustments if necessary.

Responsive websites are a must

This is something you can add to the long-term goals, as it’s a pretty big project. Responsive web design allows your site to be automatically resized (layout, images, and text) depending on what platform you’re using, no matter the size of the screen. With more than half of all searches today being performed on mobile devices, you can see why it’s absolutely essential for a good SEO score. If you’re looking for a place to start, this would be a good consideration. It’s a worthy investment.

Check for duplicates

High quality content will help you rank well amongst search engines, but not if that content is redundant. Checking your site for duplicate content with tools like Google Webmaster’s Search Console is a great idea. It’ll help you find any meta titles and descriptions that may be the same as well as any page content that’s repeated. The fixes are simple, but very helpful!

If you’re searching for some help with your SEO efforts in the Milwaukee area, get in touch today to schedule a complimentary consultation. We’ll set you up with a plan to improve your rankings and get noticed!