Simple Ways to Improve Your Social Media Content

When it comes to content creation, many rules need to be followed for a business to maximize its potential for social media growth. Of course, we all know posting quality content is a massive part of this, but what else can you do to increase your engagement rate? Keep reading to find out.

Use Emojis

Emojis are an easy way to improve engagement on your social media posts. In fact, emojis used in a Facebook post can increase engagement by 57%! That means more shares, likes, and comments on your posts, resulting in increased exposure for your business. 

Apply Presets

A preset is a filter with pre-saved settings that can be applied easily to photos. Many people make their own using Adobe Lightroom or buy them off websites such as Etsy. Using a preset helps keep photographic content look and feel the same, allowing for more aesthetically pleasing content or feed on Instagram. In addition, presets will add personality to your social media pages, often increasing follower count and engagement rate.

Use “One-Voice” Across All Platforms

Keeping your content consistent and similar across all platforms is also known as using “One-Voice.” This is crucial when developing your social media accounts because it helps users recognize your brand, no matter what site they are on. As a result, your brand recognition will increase, and users will start to associate certain traits with your brand.

It’s not easy to create consistent, quality content that your followers will engage with. Luckily, Milwaukee SEO has your back. At Milwaukee SEO, we specialize in creating social media content that not only keeps a consistent brand identity across all platforms but that will expose your business to new people. Learn more about our social media management services by calling (414) 921-1575 today!