The Evolution of SEO

Milwaukee SEO best practices in 2019

Believe it or not, it’s already been over twenty-five years since many of us have been using search engines to find what we are looking for online. Google celebrated it’s twentieth birthday last year, and although it’s the undisputed search engine champion in 2019, it was hardly the first to the search engine party – dozens proceeded it in the 1990’s.

As experts in SEO and digital marketing in southeastern Wisconsin, it’s been fascinating for us to watch all the changes that have occurred in the last quarter century. Some of the things that were “cutting edge” back then almost seem laughable now. And some of us might even remember a time when we, or others we know, wondered aloud whether this whole “internet” thing would ever catch on.

But as we focus on the present, we very much have the past in mind as well. When we work with new clients to help them grow their business, we understand that their digital marketing efforts may not have always been able to keep up with the times. We see websites that once were very adequate now looking outdated. And we see SEO practices that were employed ten or fifteen years ago, but never touched or updated since them.

In 2019, search engine algorithms have become incredibly complex and incredibly smart. Gone are the days of easily manipulating a search engine by stuffing keywords or creating lots of fake, filler content on a website. SEO in 2019 takes expertise, hard work, and skill.

At Milwaukee SEO Company, we specialize in up-to-date search engine optimization. We’ve watched the changes in the field and understand what modern-day search engines are looking for in a website. If it’s been a while since you’ve given attention to your business’s website SEO, now’s a great time to get in touch with us at Milwaukee SEO Company and have our team of experts work with you to make sure your potential clients and customers are finding you on their favorite search engine platforms.