The Importance of Facebook Ads

If you would’ve said the name “Facebook” 10 years ago, most people would’ve had no idea what you were talking about. Nowadays, it’s difficult to find someone who doesn’t have an account or at least knows what Facebook is. At what seems faster than the speed of light, Facebook has become one of the most popular social media platforms and advertising tools for businesses.

In the past, Facebook business pages were used primarily to build a community of followers who were interested in your service or product. With updates to the site’s structure, Facebook has become a bit more difficult to operate for small business owners.

Our Milwaukee marketing experts have mastered the craft that is Facebook management, and have a few tips for business owners and marketing managers. Two words: Facebook advertising. Here’s why you should be using premium ads on Facebook.


Have a specific group of people you want to target? Facebook ads have you covered. Your custom ads can be broken down by typical demographics – geographic location, age, gender, etc. – but that’s just the beginning. You can target people based on school’s they’ve attended, employers, job titles, and even interests or behaviors. These tools work wonders if you have a very specific demographic you want to target.


There’s an incredibly large number of people who use Facebook every day, making it incredibly difficult to get organic views on your posts. With a budget as little as $1 per day, the Facebook advertising platform can help get your post in front of followers as well as those who have no connection to your page. The more money you’re willing to spend the more people you’ll reach, but it’s overall a relatively inexpensive way to advertise.

Custom Audiences

Another great tool within Facebook’s ad platform is Custom Audiences. If you have a list of customers from a database, you can upload them and Facebook matches emails or phone numbers to member profiles. This means you can target ads specifically to existing customers for special promotions or up-selling techniques!

With years of experience, our marketing gurus can help you get the most from your Facebook ad campaigns. Give the Milwaukee SEO Company a call to schedule a complimentary on-site business analysis and see how you, too, can benefit from this important platform!