The Role of Your Business’ Website in 2019

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At Milwaukee SEO Company, we’ve enjoyed watching the changes that have happened in the world of digital marketing in the last couple of decades. There have been some trends that have come and gone, and there have been things that may have once looked like fleeting fads, but have really stood the test of time.

Over the last several years, there’s been a lot of emphasis on social media—and for good reason. Businesses of all sizes can participate in marketing efforts on social media, and it’s effective and affordable. But some small and medium-sized business owners have mistakenly decided that the rise of social media means that the traditional website is no longer important. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Though potential clients and customers might first hear about your business on social media, they are still absolutely going to head straight to your website if they want to learn more about what you can offer them. And in today’s day and age, these potential customers have come to expect a website that is neat and professional looking, has good information, and is easy to navigate. Though they might first hear about your Milwaukee area business on social media, their true first impression will be formed when they visit your website.

Finally, in 2019 everyone has their phone on them all the time. If they need to get quick information on the go, they’re headed to your website on their mobile device, and they want to find the relevant information quickly. An effective website in 2019 needs to work on both a traditional computer, but also on a mobile device.

If you know it’s time to give your business’s website an update for today’s day and age, give us a call at Milwaukee SEO Company. Over the past several years, we’ve worked with great businesses all over southeastern Wisconsin, and we’d love to partner with you to help you make your business as successful as possible.