Updates to Instagram That Help You

tips for advertising on Instagram in Milwaukee

Instagram is probably one of the most talked about social media platforms, and it’s truly no surprise! After being purchased by Facebook in 2012 for a whopping $1 billion, it’s quickly became one of the most popular applications for smartphone users. Think that’s a crazy purchase price? Well it’s now estimated to be worth about $35 billion. Quite a return on their investment!

After purchasing the platform, Facebook started taking steps to monetize it – something that came as no surprise to anyone. Previously, no ad policies were in place. Since the acquisition, Instagram has become a great place for individuals and businesses. New changes have made it simpler than ever for small businesses to get incredible exposure among the ever so sought after millennial crowd.

Our experts are here to tell you a bit about the latest updates to Instagram and how you can create an effective strategy on the platform for your company in Milwaukee.

It’s all about exposure

For small business owners, managing social media channels can be incredibly frustrating. It’s important to understand how effective they can be for you! Instagram is no exception. 1 in 4 Americans (or 25%) use Instagram on a daily basis. They’re estimated to grow to 110 million users within the next four years. That’s a whole lot of people, many of which are potential customers!

Lots of users, lots of time

Instagram’s growth is nothing short of impressive, but that’s not the only thing worth noting. Usage statistics have shown users spend an average of about 10.5 hours on the app per month. Not surprisingly, the only social media platform with a higher average is Facebook (who, as we mentioned, owns Instagram) with an average of 20 active hours per month per user. With the combined time people spend on each of these apps, your opportunity for good exposure is fantastic!

Getting started is simple, especially if you’re already on Facebook

Getting started with advertising on Instagram is simple if you’re already running premium ads on Facebook. They’re integrated right into the same ad builder! These advertising platforms have made it incredibly simple for small business owners to get in front of a crucial audience at a relatively low cost. With Instagram (and Facebook) ads, you can use demographic points to be as broad or specific as you’d like.

It can seem a bit scary to get started, but having an active presence on Instagram is a great way to boost your company’s exposure among the important younger audience! Get in touch with our Instagram experts today to see how you can utilize this incredible platform.