When SEO Turns Dangerous

good and bad SEO decisions for businesses in Milwaukee

If you use the Google search engine, as most Americans do, you may notice that, on certain occasions and anniversaries, the now-famous multi-colored “Google” wordmark is replaced by a picture or graphic celebrating a person or event. Just about a month ago, the “Google Doodle” celebrated the twentieth anniversary of the search engine giant. Yes, it’s already been twenty years since we started using Google.

And in those twenty years, a lot has changed. With Google leading the way, search engines have become extremely more sophisticated in how they produce results for their users. Powered by artificial intelligence or AI, search engines now look for patterns, learn behavior, and take into account current trends—all in real-time. They produce results with accuracy that’s almost scary. The search engines of 2018 are much more advanced versions of themselves than they were even a mere five years ago.

And, on the whole, this is a good thing. People want results that are fast, convenient, and accurate. Finding what we need on the web has never been easier, and it helps us learn and share information in a way never before possible.

But just as search engines have become more sophisticated at returning results, they have also become much more difficult to manipulate. This, too, is a good thing. People want to find rich content and organic and robust results. It’s a good thing, that is, unless you are employing old and outdated SEO tactics on your business’s website.

Gone are the days when poor SEO practices are ignored or treated neutrally by search engines. In today’s day and age, algorithms actually punish websites (by de-ranking them) attempting search engine manipulation. Simple keyword stuffing and generic, recycled content causes a site much more harm than good in 2018.

At Milwaukee SEO Company, we’ve watched the changes in search engine algorithms with great interest. We’ve kept ourselves up to date on the latest technologies, and we put our knowledge to work for our clients. If you’ve attempted your own SEO efforts for your business’s website without much education on the subject, or even if you had professionals optimize your site, but it’s been several years since you’ve revisited your SEO efforts, it’s time to give us a call at Milwaukee SEO Company today. We don’t want to see any of the hard-working business owners of southeastern Wisconsin lose out on valuable business because of outdated SEO practices. Give us a call today and let us get to work for you.