Why You Should Be Blogging

importance of blogging in Milwaukee

If you own a small business, you may have heard people ask if you’ve have a blog. If you don’t have one, you may have been asked to start one. This is a prime example of why it’s important to have one! Our blogging experts want to help small business owners in Milwaukee understand everything there is to know about blogging and grasp why a blog is a crucial element of your marketing strategy.

Sales. Direct mail. Email. SEO. These are all things that likely come to mind when you think of marketing. These are, of course, all aspects of marketing, but your knowledge is also a tool. The key is sharing it! It’s okay to think of your expertise as a precious thing you want to protect, but don’t be afraid to share it with others.

“If you build it, they will come.”

It’s a famous movie quote applicable to many things – including blogging. Many people come to the internet to research, especially when making a purchase decision (whether for a product or a service). What exactly do they want? Information. That’s where your expertise comes in handy! As a small business owner you’re considered an expert, which means you need to create a place for potential customers to get the information they want.

You should be crafting blog posts that contain relevant and helpful information, guiding customers and potential customers along the buying path. Don’t just hard sell, though. It’s okay to throw in the occasional promo, but keep them to a minimum.

Boost your SEO!

What helps boost SEO rankings? Fresh content. Maintaining a blog and posting content regularly helps provide your site with fresh content that’s relevant to search terms (hint: you should be writing about things involving your key terms). You have to keep up with the search engines – they’re smart! Proper spelling, grammar, and sentence structure are key, so take your time and write well.

The takeaway? Do what you can to create content people will want to share. That way, consumers will know to come to you when they need advice (or to buy)!

Now that you know the importance of starting a blog for your small business in Milwaukee, get out there and start creating some great content. As always, you can call us if you need help!